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Egyptian Queen Nefertiti pendant


* Design: Design: This Egyptian Queen Nefertiti pendant paired with a stainless steel necklace from our classic collections. Comfortable and easy to wear, this piece offers a fashionable add-on to your daily outfit. Perfect for any occasion * Material: Stainless steel, stainless jewelry is very easy to care for with its tough material that is able to endure a lot of wear and tear



Egyptian Queen Nefertiti is often symbolized by her iconic bust, which is one of the most recognizable representations of her. The bust portrays her with a slender neck, regal headdress, and an elegant, symmetrical face. Nefertiti is celebrated as a symbol of beauty, grace, and power in ancient Egyptian history. Her name, which means “the beautiful one has come,” further reinforces her symbolic connection with beauty and elegance. Additionally, she played a significant role in the religious and political affairs of her time, making her an enduring symbol of leadership and influence.


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