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Crucifixion Of Jesus Pendant


Design: The Crucifixion of Jesus Pendant showcases a detailed depiction of Jesus on the cross, expertly crafted to capture the emotion and significance of the moment. It is paired with a stainless steel necklace from our classic collections, providing both comfort and style. A fashionable add-on to any daily outfit, this pendant is perfect for various occasions, from casual gatherings to religious ceremonies.

Material: Crafted with high-quality cubic zirconia and stainless steel, this pendant boasts enduring beauty and resilience. Stainless steel jewelry is exceptionally easy to care for, capable of withstanding significant wear and tear. Its sturdy nature ensures resistance to tarnish or corrosion, even in the presence of moisture.



The Crucifixion of Jesus Pendant beautifully depicts the profound moment of Jesus’ crucifixion. It holds immense spiritual significance, symbolizing love, sacrifice, and redemption. This pendant represents a powerful connection to one’s faith and serves as a meaningful symbol of devotion.


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